The 10 best Beaches in Tuscany

The 10 best Beaches in Tuscany

The 10 best beaches in Tuscany: choose where to go this summer!!

As the summer season approaches, there is a desire to find places to spend pleasant moments, preferably in an uncontaminated nature. The coast of Tuscany is rich in many types of beaches, suitable for all tastes: sandy, rocky, pebble, white sandy beaches, children’s beaches, lonely beaches and dog beaches. All overlook the sea with crystalline waters and well-proven facilities. Among other things, just this year, Tuscany received well over 19 Blue Flags, the prestigious award given to those beaches and seaside resorts that meet high standards of environmental standards.

Here, according to Tuscany Sweet Life, the best beaches of Tuscany , ideal for holidays.

Cavoli – Elba Island *****

Type: sandy – free
Services: Equipped (umbrellas, bar, restaurant, parking)
Where: Campo nell’Elba (LI)

Cavoli beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany among the most suggestive of Elba Island. The name is due to the various granite quarries in the vicinity. In fact, in the surroundings, there are remains of granite columns of Roman and medieval times. The beach is well equipped with diversified services, boat hire, bar and restaurant. The sea is gorgeous, of turquoise color, with sandy and degrading seabed, ideal for swimming and bathing. On the right of the beach, just a few minutes by boat, there is the famous “Grotta Azzurra” (Blue Cave). You can hire boats to reach the cave or contact guides.

Margidore – Elba Island *****

Type: gravelly
Services: equipped (umbrellas, bar, restaurant, parking, mooring)
Where: Capoliveri (LI)

Margidore Beach is located in the vicinity of Capoliveri (Elba Island). It is a 400 meters long dark gravel beach overlooking the Gulf of Stella and from where you can see the picturesque peninsula of Calamita. The sea is totally crystal clear and blue, with sandy bottoms degrading, ideal for swimming. The beach is easily reached by car with a short detour along the Lacona highway. The beach is equipped with a recreational yacht harbor.

Cala del Gesso – Monte Argentario ****

Type: sandy – free
Where: Monte Argentario (GR)

It is an enchanting bay along the scenic road that, starting from Porto Santo Stefano, runs along the promontory of Monte Argentario. The beach is a little hidden and to reach it it is necessary to walk a path of about 700 meters between pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. The water is really gorgeous, crystal clear sea, transparent, blue and turquoise.


Cala Violina *****

Type: sandy – free
Where: Scarlino (GR)

It is an enchanting white sandy beach about a few hundred meters long, surrounded by a dense and lush Mediterranean scrub. The beach of Cala Violina owes its particular name to a legend: for the very fine nature of the sand, walking over bare feet produces a sound similar to that of a violin. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, with sandy and degrading seabeds, ideal for swimming but also for snorkeling enthusiasts. In fact, the backdrops are formed by Posidonia Oceanica benches and large sandstone boulders, including fish of all sizes. To reach the beach it is necessary to leave the car in the parking lot located in Pian d’Alma and then walk for about 2.5 km.

Puntone beach ****

Type: sandy – free
Services: equipped (boat rental, kayak, windsurf, bar, restaurant, umbrellas, parking) – dog area
Where: Scarlino – locality Puntone Vecchio (GR)

It is a large sandy sand beach that stretches for about 11 kilometers along the coast and is particularly suitable for families with children. The beach is free, but there are also some bathing establishments. The sea is clear and transparent, with sandy bottoms degrading gently. There are many services available to users. There is a chance to practice various water sports (sailing, kitesurf, windsurf, Stand up Paddle, kayak).The beach has a dog area.

La Conchiglia beach ****

Type: sandy
Services: services available
Where: San Vincenzo (LI)

La Conchiglia Beach is made up of a wide and long sandy beach of clear and fine sand and an equally long stripe of maritime pines and Mediterranean scrub. There are numerous well-equipped beach resorts, but there are also some free beach areas. The sea is clear and transparent with sandy and degrading seabed. The beach is ideal for families with children. On the windy days the sea is frequented by surfers and fans of kite-surf.

Beach of the Sterpaia Coast Park ****

Type: sandy – free
Where: Piombino (LI)

The Beach of the Park The Sterpaia Coast is located within the Park of Sterpaia, a natural reserve between Follonica and Piombino. It is an enchanting beach with golden sand and wide coastline with dunes dotted with shrubs and pines. The sea is crystal clear with sandy backdrops, ideal for swimming and bathing. The beach can be reached from Piombino, along the coastal road towards Torre Mozza.

Baratti beach *****

Type: sandy – free
Services: equipped (boat rental, umbrellas, parking, restaurant)
Where: Piombino – locality Baratti (LI)

It is a lovely long red sand beach that extends into the beautiful Gulf of Baratti, bordering on the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. The arenile has long, completely free stretches that alternate with others equipped, with catering services and parking. The sea is clear, blue color, with backdrops descending gently, ideal for children. Behind it is a lush pine forest.

Castiglioncello beach****

Type: rocky – free
Services: equipped (rental of sun loungers, umbrellas, bar, restaurant, boat rental, sailing school, parking)
Where: Rosignano Marittimo – locality Castiglioncello (LI)

The Bay of Castiglioncello is surrounded by rocks almost peaking over the sea and not far from Via Aurelia. This coastal stretch has been given almost entirely to concessions at bathing establishments but has also maintained some small cove where bathing is free. It is worth noting the beautiful promenade that crosses the sea and gives access to these coves. The bathing areas are mostly made up of rocks and concrete terraces equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, ideal for swimming and snorkeling lovers.

Cala Grande ***

Type: mixed
Services: beach for snorkeling
Where: Monte Argentario (GR)

Cala Grande beach is located on the western slope of the Monte Argentario promontory. It is a large beach with a large creek accessible both by sea and by land through a path that crosses forests and Mediterranean scrub. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, ideal for snorkeling lovers.

Cala Rossa *****

Type: rocky
Where: Capraia Island (LI)

Cala Rossa is a charming beach dominated by the Genovese Tower of Zenobito. Illuminated by the contrast between the clear rocks of the Zenobito promontory and the blood vessels of the high wall, Cala Rossa is lapped by a crystal clear and transparent sea, turquoise and with rocky backdrops. Accessible by boat, it is the remains of an ancient volcano exploded in the remote era and has left traces in the rocky walls in the shape of a truncated cone. The characteristic red and black colors of the landscape are due to the lava accumulation that has settled on the cliffs.

Norsi beach – Elba island *****

Type: mixed
Services: equipped (rental of sun loungers, bar, parking)
Where: Capoliveri (LI)

Norsi Beach is located in the center of the Stella Gulf, between the town of Capoliveri and the town of Lacona (Elba Island). It is a charming sandy beach and dark gravel. Characterized by a beautiful panorama and surrounded by lush vegetation, the beach is very popular with divers who find the right spot for sport. Almost never crowded, offering few amenities, but still the possibility of renting sun loungers and umbrellas. To reach the Norsi beach you have to follow the road to Lacona and, after about a kilometer, on the left there is a road with the indication to the beach.

Cala beach – Elba island ****

Type: gravelly
Services: beach for snorkeling
Where: Marciana Marina (LI)

Beach of Cala is located near Marciana Marina. It is a pebble beach and stones, nestled in one of the most beautiful coastline of Elba Island. The sea is of a marvelous turquoise and emerald color. Crystalline, extraordinarily transparent and with shallow depths, is ideal for swiming and underwater activities. The beach can be reached a route between holm oaks and vineyards, recently opened in Tuscan Archipelago National Park .

Enfola beach – Elba island****

Type: gravelly
Services: diving center- beach for snorkeling

The beach of Enfola is located along the peninsula of Enfola and is linked to the rest of the Elba Island from a narrow isthmus that once accommodated a tuna which was recently converted into a visit center of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. On both sides of the peninsula there is a pebble beach: the largest part is facing the Gulf of Viticcio, the other overlooking the open sea. The sea is crystal clear, transparent, of turquoise color and with seashells rich in marine flora and fauna, ideal for swim and underwater activities. The Enfola is easily reachable from Portoferraio, following the coastal road for about 7 kilometers.

Nisportino beach – Elba Island*****

Type: sandy
Services: equipped (rent of sun loungers, umbrellas, bar, restaurant, parking)
Where: Rio nell’Elba – locality Nisportino (LI)

It is a beautiful reddish-shingle beach originated by jasper, well protected from the winds as it is embedded within a bay. The coast is wide and about 130 meters long, surrounded by a well-preserved landscape, bordered by beautiful hills covered with Mediterranean scrub. The beach is equipped with a bar, a restaurant and there is a possibility of renting sun loungers and parasols. The sea is crystal clear, transparent and with soft backdrops, ideal for swimming and bathing. The beach is easily accessible from Rio nell’Elba.

Nisporto beach – Elba Island ****

Type: gravelly
Services: attrezzata (rent of sun loungers, umbrellas, pedalò, parking, bar, restaurant)
Where: Rio nell’Elba (LI)

Nisporto Beach is located about 5 km from the village of Rio nell’Elba. It is a beautiful pebble beach still intact and characterized by a nearly 200m long coastline bordered by a green bush. The beach is equipped with a bar, a restaurant and there is the possibility to rent sun loungers, umbrellas and pedalos. The sea is crystal clear, transparent and with shallows descending gently, ideal for swimming and bathing. The sea in this area is also renowned for the richness of wildlife, including the sea horses and the rare Pinna Nobilis. The beach is easily reachable from Rio dell’Elba.

Cala dell’Arenella beach****

Type: sandy
Where: Giglio island (GR)

Beach Cala dell’Arenella is located on the north east coast of the GiglioIsland. It is surrounded by granitic rocks including the Turtle, a big rock like the shell of this animal. It is a clear sandy beach, recognizable by the presence of a large palm tree and offering an excellent view as the Monte Argentario stands out in front of you. It is equipped with numerous services, from the rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, to the bar and to a characteristic seaside restaurant. The sea is of a beautiful turquoise emerald color. It is crystal clear and transparent, with backdrops that descend gently and rich in posidonia, ideal for swimming and for snorkeling lovers. From the beach, there are also several paths that lead to some local places, such as Giglio Castello.

Punta Ala beach ***

Type: sandy – free
Services: equipped
Where: Castiglione della Pescaia – locality Punta Ala (GR)

Punta Ala Beach is located at the southern end of the Gulf of Follonica, near the exclusive and refined seaside resort Punta Ala. It is a light sandy beach set in one of the most charming corners of Maremma. Featuring a large waterfront surrounded by dense pine forest and numerous bathing establishments. In high season it is always very crowded. The sea is crystal clear and transparent, with sandy backdrops that descend gently, ideal for swimming and bathing. The beach can be reached from the coastal road in the direction of Castiglione della Pescaia, following the signs for Punta Ala.

Seggio beach ***

Type: sandy
Services: equipped
Where: Castagneto Carducci(LI)

Beach of the Seggio is reported on the Blue Guide of the Italian Touring Club for beauty and cleanliness. Sandy beach is named after the river that crosses it, dividing it into two parts: the sandy beach on the right is the most uncontaminated and best preserved; The arena on the left is the most touristy and frequented, with well-equipped and full of amenities. The coast is surrounded by a vast pine forest, which in the summer season provides natural shade and freshness. The sea is crystal clear and clear, with sandy backdrops and gently descending, ideal for swimming and bathing. To reach the beach, from Aurelia (SS1), turn towards Marina di Castagneto Carducci, then follow the signposts for the Cavallino Matto Park, where you will find via del Seggio, which leads directly to the beach.

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