What to see in Massa

Attrazioni in Toscana

Massa, a city of elegant white marble buildings

massa stemma

The city of Massa is the capital of the province of Massa Carrara. The district lies on a floodplain, but the largest part its territory is made up of mountains (up to 891 meters above sea level in the Apuan Alps area). Massa is a modern industrial and commercial city. The old town is full of churches and Renaissance buildings, such as the Cathedral and the Ducal Palace. On a hill is the Castle Malaspina, which overlooks the surrounding area. Very close to the sandy coast is the seaside resort Marina di Massa.


AREA Apuan Riviera
TYPE Capital of the province of Massa Carrara and cities seaside resort
COORDINATES 44°2′0″N 10°8′0″E
ALTITUDE 65 metre o.s.l.
PRODUCTS Mortadella Apuan, Candia Wine,  Marble
SPORT hiking, cycling, water sports
BORDERS Carrara (MS), Fivizzano (MS), Minucciano (LU), Montignoso (MS), Seravezza (LU), Stazzema (LU), Vagli Sotto (LU)

massa mappaTourist informationmassa carrara map

Municipality of Massa
Via Porta Fabbrica, 1 – 54100 – Massa (MS)
Phone: +39 0585 4901

Touristic Office
Via delle Pinete – 54037 – locality Partaccia – Marina di Massa (MS)
Phone: +39 0585788130


Castles in Massa

massa-castello-malaspina Malaspina’s Castle

Malaspina Castle

Castello MalaspinaZone: Apuan Alps
Type: medieval fortification (10th – 17th century)
Phone: +39 0585 44774
Email: info@istitutovalorizzazionecastelli.it
Opening hours: Monday through Sunday 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm, or visits by appointment
€ 5.50 full price € 3.50
Services: guided tours, events and festivals, weddings
Events: “Guess who comes to Dinner? An evening with Michelangelo”

The fortress stands on a hill dominating the entire coast. Already around the year 1000, apart from the Malaspina, it was contested to Lucca, Florence, Pisa and the Visconti of Milan. It has undergone many transformations and expansions over the centuries. The castle is made up of rampart walls, the central and the residential palace tower; the latter, with post-medieval architectural features, replaces its older structures.

The building’s underground rooms are directly cut into the rock as well as the central tower wall, which is formed by a single block. Particularly interesting are the frescoes and Renaissance sculptures in the rooms and in the palace chapel, which is characterized by its small loggias and marble decorations.

Churches in Massa

Cathedral of Massa - Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Francesco

Duomo di MassaArea: Riviera Apuana
Type: Baroque cathedral (15th – 17th century)
Address: Via Dante
Phone: +39 058542643

The Cathedral of Santi Pietro e Francesco – Another name for the Cathedral – dates from the 15th century. In subsequent periods it has been subject to various renovations. In the 16th century it was described as a building of considerable size and equipped with many altars. It was further expanded and equipped with marble altars, including the main one surmounted by a large ciborium temple, made by Giovanni Francesco Bergamo.

Church of Madonna del Monte

Chiesa della Madonna del MonteArea: Versilia
Church (16th century)
Via Aurelia Ospedale

The building of the church is closely linked to the work of the Augustinian Fathers. It dates back to the last decade of the 16th century and is one of the most ancient churches of Massa. In the years following the expulsion of the friars, Duchess Maria Teresa transformed the former convent into a city hospital dedicated to S.S. James and Christopher. The church has a layout made up of a single nave, four chapels on the sides.

Church of San Leonardo al Frigido

Chiesa di San Leonardo al FrigidoArea: Riviera Apuna
Type: Romanesque church (12th century)

Outside the town, on the banks of the Frigido River, stood the hospital of San Leonardo. From the church annexed to the hospital comes a portal sculpted by Biduino (12th century), purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Architect Pierliugi Zonder-Mosti made a copy of the sculptural complex in 1988, for relocation in its original site.

Monuments and places to visit in Massa

massa - piazza aranciPiazza Aranci

Ducale Palace

Palazzo DucaleArea: Versilia
Type: Baroque palace (18th century)
Address: Piazza Aranci
Phone: +39 0585 816111
Email: info@provincia.ms.it

This monumental building occupies the entire eastern side of Piazza Aranci. Also called the “Red Palace”, it was built by Alberico I Cybo-Malaspina to be used as a stately home. Its current forms and distinctive red color were the work of Alessandro Bergamini in the 18th century. The exterior, as well as the interior, is full of windows decorated with plaster and marble portals that give a greater prominence to the palace. Columns, stairways, balconies and marble portals surround the magnificent courtyard. From here you can access the grotto.

Piazza Aranci has three main halls: Swiss Hall, Hall of Resistance and Hall of Plaster, all three richly decorated. In the Ducal Chapel, originally intended for private use of the Cybo family, there are frescoes by Carlo Pellegrini and a marble low relief depicting the Nativity of Jesus. In the next room is the scenic “Alcova Ducale”, made by Alessandro Bergamini and enriched by its exquisitely colored carved marble. Both rooms were painted by Stefano Lemmi in 1702.

Villa Rinchiostra

Villa la Rinchiostra MassaArea: Versilia
Type: historic residence (17th century)
Address: Via Mura of Rinchiostra, 7
Phone: +39 0585 5793908
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm – Saturday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm – Sunday closed
Free entry

The building, originally used as a hunting lodge, was transformed into a villa by order of Teresa Pamphili, wife of Carlo II Cybo-Malaspina, who, in 1675, commissioned it to architect Alessandro Bergamini. The villa was surrounded by a large garden. Alderano I, son of Teresa Pamphili, transformed the villa into a luxurious residence and embellished the garden adorning it with geometric paths, vases, statues and marble busts.

The villa started getting abandoned around the mid-18th century. After several changes of ownership, the building was sold, in 1857, to Charles Louis de Bourbon, who returned the splendor of Rinchiostra by restoring the villa and reviving the park with interventions inspired by the romantic 19th-century garden.

Thermal Spa

San Carlo Thermal Spa

San Carlo TermeArea: Versilia
Locality: San Carlo Terme
Type: Spas

San Carlo Terme is a small town, its main attraction is the spa. Located in the center of a natural park, it’s one of the most important centers for the treatment of certain gastrointestinal, urinary, gynecological and metabolic disease disorders. From the thermal springs, already known in Roman times, mineral water with the same pH and salt composition of human tissue emerges.

Natural reserves around Massa

massa-via-vandelliMonte Tambura – Via Vandelli – Apuan Alps

Regional Park of the Apuan Alps

Val serenaia4

Area: Garfagnana
Municipalities of Province of Lucca: Camaiore, Camporgiano, Careggine, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Fabbriche di Vergemoli , Gallicano, Minucciano, Molazzana, Pescaglia, Seravezza, Stazzema, Vagli di Sotto
Municipalities of Province of Massa: Casola in Lunigiana, Fivizzano, Massa, Montignoso
Type: Regional Nature Park
Website: www.parcapuane.it
Visitor Center 1: Locality Filanda – Forno di Massa – Massa (MS)
Phone: +39 0585 315300
Email: info@parcoapuane.it
Visitor center 2: Piazza delle Erbe, 1 – Castelnuovo Garfagnana (LU)
Phone: +39 0583644242
Email: garfagnana@tin.it
Visitor Center 3: Via Corrado del Greco, 11 – Seravezza (LU)
Phone: +39 0584 756144
Email: info@prolocoseravezza.it
Opening hours: daily 9:00 am to 1:00 pm – closed Tuesday – May to October from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Services: booking guides, Internet Point, book shop

Copia di SAM_8274

The Apuan Alps are characterized by their harsh morphology made up of deep valleys, as well as their imposing slopes and inclination. The most important findings are, from north to south: Monte Sagro (m. 1748), Pizzo d’Uccello (m. 1781), Monte Pisanino (m. 1947, the highest Apuan), Monte Tambura (m. 1895), Monte Corchia (m. 1676), Monte Altissimo (m. 1589), the Pania della Croce (m. 1858), Monte Procinto (m. 1147). A dense network of trails pass through the Apuan, some of them quite challenging.

There are also some routes that are equipped with metal cables; these are only accessible with the right equipment and recommended for experienced people only. Within the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps there is a huge network, (around 100 paths) which can be traveled on foot, bicycle, and in some cases even on horseback, making it a total of more than 60 km of roads and mule tracks. The trails are all marked by C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club). In addition, there are longer routes set up by the Mountain Communities, as the Garfagnana Trekking, the Apuan Trekking, the Lunigiana Trekking or the Alta Via delle Apuane. Before going on each path you may want to equip yourself with detailed maps, verify the practicability of the paths and the weather conditions. Some areas allow mountaineering and climbing.

The Apuan are also known for their deep abysses and the great cavities and caves. Inside there is an impressive maze of tunnels and shafts with more 1,300 caves of all sizes, available for visit only with suitable equipment as well as a cave guide. In some caves you can find traces of the Neanderthals. In Garfagnana, the caves of greater importance from a mineralogical point of view and which offer excursions and guided tours are: Grotta del Vento (Cave of the Winds) (Locality Fornovolasco – municipality of Fabbreiche di Vergemoli – LU), Antro di Corchia (locality Levigliani – municipality Stazzema – LU), Ravine Botri (Bagni di Lucca – LU) and Grotte di Equi Terme (locality Equi – municipality of Fivizzano – MS).

parco alpi apuane1

Shelters and camps

The Apuan Alps are high-value hiking and climbing mountains; many have shelters and camps available for people to stop for refreshments or stay overnight.

Carrara refuge, 1320 m, locality Campo Cecina , tel. 0585/841972, always open, except December 25, 54 people. Accessible by car from Carrara.

Capanna Garnerone, 1260 m, below Monte Garnerone in Fonte Vacchereccia, 18 beds, unmanaged: keys can be obtained from the CAI Carrara, tel. 0585/776782

Rifugio Donegani, m 1150, locality Orto di Donna, facing Monte Pisanino, tel. 340/1509327 or 348/6520820; open from April 1 to October 31, 52 people. Accessible by car from Piazza al Serchio.

Bivouac Aronte, m 1620, under the village Focolaccia, one room with six bunks, unmanaged, keys available at the CAI of Massa, tel. 0585/488081

Rifugio G. del Freo, m 1180, locality Foce di Mosceta, in front of the Pania della Croce, tel. 0584/778007; cell. Managers: 331/2952106; 333/7343419; beds 48. Summer opening. Call for information on other periods.

Rifugio E. Rossi alla Pania, m 1609, between the Pania Secca and Pania della Croce, tel. 0583/710386, tel. 0583/74095 manager, cell. 348/3898003. Open: June 20 to September 10 every day; 11 September to 10 June, only weekends and holidays. Beds 22.

Rifugio Forte dei Marmi, 865 m, Alpe della Grotta, under Monte Nona e Procinto, tel. 0584/777051, managers Barbara and Federica, cell. 328/0068070 – 338/8284628, 0187/715116 Fax, E-mail federicapuccinelli@hotmail.com, open in summer and weekends, 25 beds.

Rifugio Conti, m 1442, locality Campaniletti, tel. 0585/793059, tel. 333/4551121 managers (Alfredo), 339/3063181 (Debora); beds 24, always open, but you may want to call first.

Rifugio La Buca, 480 m, locality Fornovalasco, tel. 0583/722013, 21 beds in rooms of 2-3-4 beds, open March 20 to December 20.

Rifugio Orto di Donna, m 1500, locality Val Serenaia, tel. 347/3663542, beds 34; open every weekend and every day in July and August.

Refugio Val Serenaia, 1100 m, at the mouth of the valley, tel. 349/1424641, beds 20, open every weekend and every day in July and August, reached by car from Piazza al Serchio.

Bivacco K2, 1500 m, on the slopes of Monte Contrario, 6 beds, keys at CAI Carrara, tel. 0585/776782

Rifugio La Quiete e il Robbio, 995 m, locality Prati del Puntato, tel. 0585/45440, 35 beds, tel. 338/9350953 manager; open year round but only with a reservation.


Localities around Massa

marina di massa1Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa - beach

Marina di MassaArea: Riviera of Versilia
Locality: Marina di Massa
Type: beach town

Since the late 19th century this town became a seaside tourist destination. The town, originally a holiday resort for wealthy northern Italian families, has become a popular tourist spot due to its geographical location between the sea and mountains. A bike path connects the Marina di Massa with the Forte dei Marmi. In its central zone, called the pier, there are still some historical beach resorts and Nouveau Aristocratic cottages.

Residential and accommodation facilities are spread throughout the coast and the long pine forest, not far from the sea. Many of the available tourist attractions include beach clubs, discos, pubs, hotels, as well as numerous campsites; the latter concentrated in the town of Ricortola and Partaccia.

Borgo del Ponte

borgo del PonteArea: Versilia
Locality: Massa (MS) locality Borgo del Ponte
Type: medieval village

In ancient times, Borgo del Ponte was a point of transit between two routes: mountains / sea and Liguria / Tuscany. The origins date back to 882 A.D., but the town developed after the construction of the hospital and the first houses. Over the centuries the village has been enriched with several buildings, such as the public fountain and the Palazzo Andrei (16th century), the period of the First Alberico Cybo-Malaspina, built in 1574, the villa of Cuncia built in 1557, the old bridge and the Chiesa del Ponte in 1500.

Church of San Martinola also retains traces of Ospedaletto of Saints James and Christopher, built in 1090 as a refuge for pilgrims. Later it was converted into a hospital. The property is accessible via a wide marble staircase and a portal. The portal is well preserved and adorns the old door that once gave access to the church. During excavations carried out in 1944, numerous human remains were found wrapped in simple sheets believed to have belonged to people who died during an epidemic or pilgrims who died of natural causes.


Museums in Massa

Botanical Garden "Pietro Pellegrini"

Orto BotanicoArea: Versilia
Locality:  Pian della Fioba
Type: botanical garden
Address: Provinciale Massa Arni
Phone: +39 0585 490259
Opening hours: May 20 to September 15 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Free entry

Opened in July 1966, it is dedicated to the doctor Pietro Pellegrini (1867-1957), botany enthusiast. There are plants and shrubs typical to the Apuan Alps, some very rare, here they are preserved and reproduced. Inside there is a shelter-laboratory to house researchers engaged in the study of the flora and vegetation of the Apuan. In a small lake there are plant species of the Apuan Alps wetlands.

Ethnological Museum of the Apuan

Area: Versilia
Type: ethnological museum

The museum holds three different collections: agro-pastoral civilization of Lunigiana, the Humanism Social Movement, and findings regarding the different aspects of human life, found in various locations (Massa Carrara, Lunigiana, Versilia, Garfagnana). The sections of the museum are divided according to religion, house, agriculture, arts and crafts, trade, transportation, lighting, ceramics and glass, plaster casts, industrial archeology, prints, paintings.

Diocesan Museum

Zona: Versilia
Tipo: museo d’arte sacra

Ha sede nel Palazzo dei Cadetti, fatto costruire nel 1580 dal principe Alberico I° Cybo-Malaspina, e destinato inizialmente ai figli cadetti della famiglia. Il museo espone opere d’arte, suppellettili liturgiche e paramenti sacri provenienti sia dalla Cattedrale di San Pietro e San Francesco, sia da altre chiese del territorio diocesano.



massa-quintana-cybeaQuintana Cybea

Representation of the Passion of Christ

passione cristoType: religious festival
When: Easter

Organized by the habitants of Pariana, this event commemorates the important phases of the Passion of the Christ, moving in biblical places recreated along the way. Actors and extras wearing period clothing recite the most important scenes. At one point, the public is involved directly, according to folk theater tradition. The traveling representation starts in the locality of Ca’ di Cecco and subsequently descends to the park Polla di Tommaso where the crucifixion takes place.

Quintana Cybea

Quintana Cybea 1Type: folklore – reenactment
When: first Saturday of August

Historical re-enactment of an ancient jousting tournament.


Itineraries around Massa

massa-via-vandelli1Via Vandelli – Apuan Alps

Via Vandelli

Area: Apuan Alps, Garfagnana
Municipalities of the Province of Lucca: San Pellegrino in Alto, Castiglione di Garfagnana, Pieve Fosciana, Vagli Sotto
Municipalities of the Province of Massa Carrara: Massa

Via Vandelli is an ancient trade and military road from the Duchy of Modena. The road was built by Duke Francesco III d’Este to connect the cities of Modena and Massa. The engineering, geographer and mathematician abbot, Domenico Vandelli, was commissioned to complete and design a new road that was ahead of its time. The road was a major technical challenge for its time: it winds into a steep and inaccessible mountain environment, first through the Apennines and then through the Alps for a total of 210 kilometers; on the slopes of Monte Tambura the road reaches its greatest altitude, 1,634 m. o.s.l.

Construction began in 1738 and ended in 1751. The planner was given certain conditions: the road had to require minimal maintenance and must allow the passage of heavy wagons, which carry local marble extractions. Maintenance stations and rest stations were built for change and watering the horses, hostels, places for the loading and unloading of goods, etc. along the road. The road was considered the first logistically handled carriage road in Italian territory.

With the annexation of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio to the rising Italian State (1859), the street lost its importance. The track is still perfectly accessible in many places thanks to the construction technique that was used to build it. The mountainous stretches are virtually unaffected. Trail C.A.I. No. 35 runs to a large extent the way Via Vandelli does, and it now allows the revaluation of this scenic route allowing a mountain passage for those who practice trekking or mountain biking; it is also suitable for horse-riding and, in some places, off-road vehicles.massa-vandelli

Track in Tuscany

After the ridge in San Pellegrino in Alpe, the route runs close to the spine of Monte Verrucchiella. Subsequently, the road runs through the Garfagnana. From San Pellegrino in Alpe (1525 m s.l.m.) in Castiglione di Garfagnana, Pieve Fosciana so, after crossing the Serchio river, it runs back through Edron valley, up to Vagli Sotto, to the town Arnetola and the passage of Tambura. From here (1620 m) the road enters the province of Massa-Carrara until you get to Resceto, Massa and come out in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The long and arduous route of the Via Vandelli did not fail to attract robbers. These, however, have always been present in those areas. In Resceto, the mountain section can still be seen along the roadbed with the holes of the posts to which criminals were tied before their execution.  Another tragedy took place along the way in a place called the Pit of the Dead: a group of merchants on their way to Massa were surprised by a snowstorm and took refuge in a cave. Unfortunately, this became their tomb, probably due to a landslide. Since then, legend has it that when it snows you can still hear the cries of the dead and the trampling of mules and horses.


History of Massa

Marble quarries

A history of marble

Copia di massa1

Massa’s origins are unquestionably from pre-Roman times (Ligurian-Apuan people). In Roman times, the first settlements were built and the area was a resting place along the consular road Aemilia Scauri, which led from Pisa to Luni. The city’s origin dates from 882, when a settlement on an elevated position was first mentioned. The work of the hill fort began around the year one thousand, by the initiative of the Obertenghi family. In 1254, control of the castle passed from Pisa to Florence, and it was then run over by the Republic of Lucca, who retained possession almost continuously for a period of fifty years.

The first half of the 15th century was characterized by an alternation of political and military events, which saw the involvement of various contenders, including Florence, Lucca and Milan. Finally, in 1442 Alberico I Malaspina of Florence took control of the city, which became the capital of the Duchy of Massa and Carrara, officially established in 1554.

Thanks to their creative talent and excellent political skills, the Dukes (Cybo-Malaspina from the mid-16th century onwards) were able to give the city a significant boost. The new Mass Cybea, as it was known, was the subject of numerous urban interventions, especially using the precious marble of the near quarries. In 1741, when the Duke of Modena, Ercole III d’Este married the last descendant of the Cybo-Malaspina family, the city Found itself aggregated by another political entity. In 1790, the Tuscan territory was returned to Maria Beatrice d’Este, but seven years later, she was overwhelmed by the military and political events, which led to the French Revolution taking place all over Italian territory. Elisa Bonaparte Baciochi, Napoleon’s sister, then administered Massa, along with other Tuscan towns.


The Restoration (1815) determines the transformation of the city and the surrounding area into an autonomous principality under the guidance of Mary Beatrice d’Este. After her death (1829), the city once again became part of the Duchy of Modena. After the unification of Italy in 1860, Massa had a period of great socio-economic development. Particularly important in the economic and industrial level is the processing and trading of marble; among the finest in the world.




Typical food

massa-muscoli-ripieniStuffed mussels


lasagne bastardeTordelli massesi

Lasagne Tordellate

Polenta “encajata” (covered with tomato sauce and cheese)

Taglierini con i fagioli


Another dishes

Baccalà alla massese

Muscoli ripieni

Frittata di cipolle




Ossi da morto

Typical Products

massa-vino-sodini-candiaSodini – Candia Wine

Mortadella delle Apuane

Mortadella di Prato

Candia Wine




Where to sleep in Massa


Albergo La Perla

Via delle Pinete, 163 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241894
services: parking, TV, wi-fi, bike rental

Albergo Virginia

Via delle Pinete, 9 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240195
Services: Pets allowed, Parking

Albergo Parma Mare

Via delle Pinete, 102 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241044

Albergo Tonarelli

Via Pontremoli, 137 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 242542

Albergo Casa Faci

Ricortola – via Lombardo, 16 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869556
services: parking, garden

Albergo Parma Mare

Via delle Pinete, 102 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241044

Albergo Tirreno

Via Manzoni, 1 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 246173

Albergo Ristorante San Carlo Srl

Via Nicola Zonder, 3 – locality San Carlo Terme – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 43193

Albergo Alberta

Via Pariana, 49 – locality S. Carlo Terme Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0584 618097

Albergo Colombo

Via Firenze, 29 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 242484

Albergo Kelly

Via delle Pinete, 75 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 245359

Albergo Marisella

Via delle Macchie, 91 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 309306

Albergo Ristorante Eucalipto

Via delle Pinete, 78 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39  0585 240105

Albergo Piccolo Mondo

Piazza Ronchi, 27 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240808

Hotel Casa Cambini

Via Pandolfino, 12 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 2522472
Services: Pets allowed

Hotel Giulia

Via Ascoli, 15 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240067
Services: Pets allowed, Parking

Hotel I Quattro Pini

Via delle Pinete, 340 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869426

Hotel Illi

Via Verdi, 103 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869806
services: TV, bar, children’s playground, restaurant

Hotel Isa

Via Poveromo, 21 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240283
services: parking

Hotel Italia

Viale Vespucci, 3 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240606
service: wi-fi, restaurant, bar, TV, garden, bicycle rental, solarium, children’s games, terrace, baby sitting

Hotel La Tavernetta dei Ronchi

Via Como, 9 – locality Ronchi di Poveromo – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240767
services: parking, bar, wi-fi, bike rental

Hotel Nedy

Ronchi – Via Fescione, 128 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 807011/ +39 335 6192075
services: parking, pool

Hotel Norma

Via San Leonardo, 62 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 250012
Services: Pets allowed, Parking

Hotel Peselli

Via Ricortola, 142 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869800
Services: Pets allowed, Parking

Hotel Piccola Versilia

Via Roma, 410 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 246175

Hotel Stella della Versilia

Via delle Macchie, 54 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869066
services: spaces are wheelchair accessible, parking, swimming pool

Hotel Taberna Frigidas

Via Taberna Frigidas, 1 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 251347

Hotel Valentina

Via Bozzone, 15 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869392

Hotel Villa Claudio

Via Lungofrigido Ponente, 50/51 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869902
services: TV, bar, parking, garden, barbecue, areas for disabled people, pets allowed

Hotel Villa Serena

Via Mura dei Frati, 34 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240338

Hotel Villa Giada

Via Lungo frigido Ponente, 18 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241365

Hotel Il Buongustaio

Via Belvedere, 90 – locality S.Carlo – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 45741
Services: pets accepted, parking, swimming pool

Hotel Villa Olga

Via dei Peri di Ponente, 8 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869462

Hotel Eco del Mare

Via Verona, 1 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 245200
Services: pets accepted, parking, swimming pool

Hotel Gabrini

Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 19 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 2405056

Hotel Excelsior

Via Cesare Battisti, 1 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 8601

Hotel Matilde

Via Tagliamento, 4 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241441

Hotel Michela

Via Vicenza, 5/A – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241390

Hotel Roby

Via Casamicciola, 3 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240686

Hotel Roma

Piazza Pellerano, 16 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 242748

Hotel Tiziana

Bondano – via delle Pinete, 26/6 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869724

Hotel Scandinavia

Via Zolezzi, 4 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240295

Hotel Villa Elsa

Via Pistoia, 2 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241097

Hotel Villa Fiorisella

Via G. Verdi, 37 – locality Poveromo – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240337

Hotel Caprice

Viale delle Pinete, 3 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 868028

Hotel Cavalieri del Mare

Via Verdi, 23 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 868010

Hotel Daisy

Via Verona,12 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240108

Hotel Dany

Via del Falasco, 4 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241490

Hotel Eura

Via delle Pinete, 1 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869213

Hotel Euromar

Via dei Salici, 5 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240300
service: wi-fi, bar, restaurant, TV, pets allowed, baby sitting

Hotel Hervé

Via Vincenza, 7 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 861490

Hotel Ida

Via Ronchi, 99 – locality Ronchi – Marina di Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869707

Hotel Maremonti

Via Lungomare di Levante, 51 – locality Ronchi di Poveromo – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241008

Hotel Patrizia

Via delle Pinete, 145 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 243526

Hotel Tiffany

Via Fosdinovo, 14 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241196

Hotel Villa Irene

Via Macchie, 125 – locality Poveromo – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 308038

Hotel Annunziata

Via Villafranca, 4 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 41023

Hotel Luciana

Via Lungo Frigido Ponente, 14 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240733

Hotel Tilly

Via Lungo Frigido di Levante, 1 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869443

Hotel Piccolo Palace

Via Mignani, 1 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869586
services: park, children’s playground, parking

Hotel Miramonti

Via Montegrappa, 6 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 243369

Hotel Alcione

Poveromo – Via Verdi, 43 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 309096

Hotel Meublé Argia

Via San Leonardo, 143 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 792982

Hotel Cathy

Via Colombo, 51 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39  0585 242893

Hotel Columbia

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 37 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240494

Hotel Sandra

Via Ricortola, 195 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869634

Hotel Galleria

Viale Eugenio Chiesa, 19  – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 42137/ +39 0585 489106

Hotel Hermitage

Via Verdi, 17 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240856
Services: swimming pool, wi-fi, parking, restaurant, private beach

Hotel La Bussola

Via S. Caterina, 22  – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 807472

Hotel Lido

Viale Roma, 426 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241057

Hotel Luna

Via Tornaboni, 17 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241472

Hotel Marina

Via Magliano, 3 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 869894

Hotel Milano

Piazza Betti, 24 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240076

Hotel Rialto

Via Pisa, 40 – locality Ronchi – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241494

Hotel Sole

Via delle Pinete, 260 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241466
service: bar, restaurant, television, games for children, garden, parking, pets allowed

Hotel Vera

Via Pisa, 29 – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 241256

Hotel Anna

Via Verona, 9 – locality Marina di Massa – Massa (MS)
Tel. +39 0585 240377