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Address: Via San Michele,16 – 53031 – Casole d’Elsa (SI)
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Hours: from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Services: guided tours Verrocchio Art Center, artistic workshop and museum, art courses, library, reception
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Nigel Konstam is a “New Humanist” sculptor whose work is shown. He has also made a number of exciting discoveries in art history many of which can be viewed in “The Research Centre for the True History of Art”, which features the use of mirrors by Rembrandt, Velasquez, Vermeer and Brunelleschi. Another shock discovery is life casting in ancient Greece, also two ancient chimneys for melting bronze (one on the Acropolis). An analysis of the carving of a Roman portrait demonstrates how the three dimensional geometry used has fed into the European tradition of drawing and painting.

Nigel Konstam is an English sculptor and art historian who has lived in Tuscany for 30 years.  He has made important discoveries in the field of art history and maintains two permanent museums of his work – Museum of the True History of Art and Museum of Secrets. Nigel Konstam lives in a large historic fortified villa where he created several spaces for art classes and art workshops that are very pleasant to visit. Inside the villa there is the Verrocchio Art Center, a center for the study of art that offers courses in sculpture, painting, drawing and art history ministered by the Nigel Konstam and collaborators.

THE VERROCCHIO ART CENTRE was established in 1984 by the English sculptor Nigel Konstam. It is situated on the walls of the hill town of Casole d’Elsa (SI). We run courses of one or two weeks in painting, sculpture and drawing from May to the end of September. It is a school, an art gallery and a museum. You are welcome to visit from 9.30 AM – 6.30 PM when courses are in progress and after by appointment.

The villa can accommodate up to 20 people. There are also courses in music, creative writing and yoga, indoor pool and excellent food, creating a truly fantastic welcome for those who want to spend holidays breathing art and culture.


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Via San Michele,16 – 53031 – Casole d’Elsa (SI)


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