Torre a Cenaia

Type: Wine estate
Address: Via Provinciale delle Colline Livornesi, 55 località Cenaia – 56040 Crespina Lorenzana (PI)
Phone: +39 050.643739
Mobile: + 39 328.2316863
Facebook: @torreacenaiaexperience / @torreacenaia
Instagram: @torreacenaia
Closed: open all the year
Services: wine tasting, beer tasting, wine tour,  cooking class, carriage tours, parking for car, campers, minibuses and coaches
Products: wines, beer, olive extra oil
Languages: italian /english
Attractions nearby: Uliveto Terme, teatro del Silenzio, Square of Miracles and Pisa Tower, Livorno Aquarium,  Castiglioncello, Cecina, Marina di Pisa beaches

Torre a Cenaia is an estate located in the area around the town of Crespina in the Province of Pisa with fine production of wines and agricultural beer. The estate occupies an area of ​​about 500 hectares between cultivated fields, vineyards, ancient woods and marsh lakes. A part of the land delimit a wildlife reserve for the repopulation of native species. The landscape of the estate embodies the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, which is the essence of the typical Tuscan landscape. Moreover, the presence of the Monti Pisani in the surroundings and the proximity to the coast favor the production of white wines and Vermentino. The award-winning Cenaja Vermentino has always been the pride of the farm’s wine production. The Sangiovese vine and other vines that express the best of themselves in wines with a typically Tuscan character are also grown on the estate. In fact, the wines of  Torre a Cenaia are representative of the productive excellence of the Pisan area.

In addition, the Torre a Cenaia estate is also known for its organic production of craft beer. The estate has a room for wine tasting, craft beer and local food products. There are various proposals for tasting the products of the estate connected to guided tours by carriage and omnibus, an ancient and exotic means of transport.

Torre a CenaiaThe property boasts a noble past. At the end of the twentieth century, the estate belonged to the Countess Pauline de Bearn, daughter of the Valery Counts of Corsica, who administered her with her husband Charles Pitti Ferrandi: their marriage was born in 1923 Robert Pitti Ferrandi, the last descendant of the noble Florentine family Piti . With an enviable family tree, Robert Pitti has embarked on a brilliant international diplomatic career. Currently his interests are aimed at perfecting the estate’s wine production.

From the Torre a Cenaia estate it is easy to reach the main cities of art such as Pisa (25km), Lucca (38km), Volterra (45km), San Gimignano (55km) and Florence (70km) and the seaside towns of the Tuscan coast such as Livorno (27km) and Viareggio (52 km). The estate is accessed through an evocative and fairytale avenue of cypresses that leads to old and impressive farmhouses that made up the ancient village of Cenaja Vecchia. In addition, the estate has a large private parking for cars, campers, minibuses and coaches.



Torre a Cenaia

The Torre a Cenaia estate is known for the production of fine wines, grappa and for agricultural beer, where barley for the production of malt is produced on the farm using organic methods. All the wine activity is meticulously cured in order to produce products of excellent quality. The same care is dedicated to the production of beers, both from the choice of organic barley cultivation on the farm and to the final fermentation process.


Torre a Cenaia

The wineries of Torre a Cenaia are characterized by the particular attention that is dedicated to the harvest of healthy and ripe grapes that we harvest in different ways according to the cultivation land and the varieties. The careful care of the vineyards and the conscious management of the most modern equipment such as vitrified cement and steel vats, corroborate the work of the oak barrels of Allier and the Tonneau, which can be seen in the wineries.

  • Pitti Chardonnay BIO  (white)
  • Pitti Vermentino BIO  (white)
  • Cenaja Vermentino Cru BIO (white)
  • Cenaja Vermentino (white – late harvest)
  • Pitti Rosato BIO (rose)
  • Pitti Sangiovese (red)
  • Torre Del Vajo (red)
  • Per Non Dormire (red)
  • Octo (red)
  • Pitti Brut (sparkling wine Chardonnay Brut)
  • Dolce Peccato (passito wine)
  • Grappa (aging 12 months in oak barrels of Slavonia)



Torre a Cenaia

The J63 Agricultural Brewery is located in a farmhouse of about 600 square meters inside the estate. J63 Beer is produced with barley grown in the fields of the Estate and has obtained the Birragricola certificate. Curiously, the name of the brewery (J63) recalls the patron saint of Livorno – Julia, whose remains, in 763 passed from the ancient village of Torre a Cenaia. The brewery is also Brew-pub, Restaurant and Pizzeria, with the area reserved for the production of exposed beer.


  • JPILS (pilsner)
  • JBLANCHE  (High fermentation beer, Blanche style)
  • JBLONDE (High fermentation beer, Blonde style)
  • JRUBRA (Dopplebock low fermentation beer)
  • JBLACK (High fermentation beer, Dubbel style)
  • JIPA (High fermentation beer, India Pale Ale style)
  • JLIPS (High fermentation beer, Italian Grape Ale style with Vermentino of Torre a Cenaia)
  • J63 (Birra biologica)



Torre a Cenaia

In Torre a Cenaia there are diversified and interesting experiences to do: from wine tasting, craft beer and local food products to zero kilometer and guided tours of the cellars and brewery to cooking lessons and pizza at the old wood-burning oven in the middle to the countryside, from carriage tours and lunches or dinners on board of an authentic Omnibus from the 1800s to guided tours to the historical places of the village of Cenaja Vecchia – the eleventh century church linked to Santa Giulia, a turreted house home to noble families and the liberty-style villa in ruins that is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a beautiful countess.

  • Cooking class
  • Carriage tours
  • Lunch and dinner on board Omnibus
  • Guided tours of the wineries and brewery
  • Guided tours to historical sites of the estate



Torre a Cenaia

Torre a Cenaia offers various types of wine tasting experiences and typical products of the estate. Guests are introduced into the world of flavors and sensations linked to the tasting of wines. The tasting of a wine is combined with the most appropriate food.

Only for small groups (up to 5 people). Tasting of 3 wines at the cellar-point of sale, among those of our production, with various snacks.


Duration:  2 hours
Products: 3 Beers J63 (1 Pilsner, 1 light beer, 1 Amber) –  Dish of Typical Products Torre a Cenaia (Salame, Pecorino, 2 Crostini, Bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive);


Duration:  2hours
Products: 3wines (Cenaja Vermentino, Pitti Sangiovese, Torre del Vajo ) e 1 passito wine (Dolce Peccato with cantuccini) – Dish of Typical Products Torre a Cenaia (Salame, Pecorini, 2 Crostini, Bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive and Cantuccini)


Duration:  2 hours
Products:  2 wines (Cenaja Vermentino, Torre del Vajo) e 2 Beers J63 (1 Pilsner light, 1 Amber Doppelbock) – Dish of Typical Products Torre a Cenaia (Salame, Pecorini, 2 Crostini, Bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive



Torre a Cenaia

The Torre a Cenaia estate has two restaurants: Osteria Agricola Toscana Pitti & Friends and Ristorante Pizzeria Birrificio J63. All products used in the preparation of the courses are zero kilometer.


Timetables:every day from 12.30 to 14.00 and from 19.30 to 23.00 (lunch and dinner)

The large rooms reserved for catering, one with the brewing area clearly visible behind the tapping counter, can accommodate more than 100 people. The restaurant offers typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine prepared raw materials of short supply chain, ie coming from the surrounding area. There are appetizers, first and second courses, Chianina PGI burger and many other combinations also for vegetarians and vegans. Without a doubt one of the attraction of the restaurant is the latest generation wood oven, from which come out not only pizza and schiacciatine but crostoni, meats and, above all, the Tuscan agricultural bread with 10 cereals. Mostly on spring and summer evenings, the large outdoor park in front of the Brewery transforms into an outdoor stage for live music evenings and allows organizing other events of various kinds.


I piatti Pitti&Friends sono infatti creati dal Chef attingendo il più possibile a ingredienti di filiera corta, provenienti dalle coltivazioni e dalla produzione di Torre a Cenaia. Ogni portata è curata con la massima attenzione ed è il risultato di una meticolosa ricerca di prodotti locali.



Torre a Cenaia


Type: lunch with wine tasting
Pitti Sangiovese (red), Cenaja Vermentino (white), Torre del Vajo (red), Dolce Peccato – Passito wine

Tray lunch with tasting of 4 wines. For lunch they will be available to guests: welcome entrée composed of Pitti products (Salame, Pecorini, 2 Crostini, Bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and 1 type of pasta seasoned with Tomato Sauce or Pesto and to finish cantuccini.


Type: lunch with wine tasting
Duration:  2 hours
Produts:  Pitti Sangiovese (red), Cenaja Vermentino (white), Torre del Vajo (red), Dolce Peccato – Passito wine

Lunch in tray with tasting of 4 wines. For lunch they will be available to guests: welcome entrée composed of Pitti products (Salame, Pecorini, 2 Crostini, Bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and 2 types of pasta; one seasoned with vegetables and the other with meat sauce and finally cantuccini.


Type: lunch with wine tasting
Duration: 2 hours
Produts: white Cenaja vermentino Bio, red Torre del vajo;  the  riserve wine  “Per non dormire”,  the new supertuscan “Octo” e the passito wine “Dolce peccato”

Lunch in tray with tasting of 4 wines. For lunch will be available to guests: plentiful cutting comprising Salami Pitti flavored with Sangiovese, raw ham, bacon, fresh pecorino Pitti, semi-seasoned pecorino Pitti, pecorino seasoned Pitti, seasonal vegetables biodi our production, 2 crostini with two typical sauces and Bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil.



Torre a Cenaia

Torre a Cenaia offers 3 experiences on preparation of typical Tuscan dishes combined with wine tasting. At the end of the lesson each participant will receive in an apron of Torre a Cenaia and the recipe book.


Wine tasting of 4 wines: Pitti Sangiovese (red), Cenaja Vermentino (white), Torre del Vajo (red), Dolce Peccato – Passito wine

During the lesson participants will prepare 3 types of sauces that will then be used to season 3 types of pasta production of the estate using stone-ground flour. The specialties will be part of the lunch together with the other 0 km products such as salami flavored with Pitti Sagiovese, Pitti cheeses, bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and Cantuccini (Tuscan biscuits with almonds).


Wine tasting of 4 wines: Pitti Sangiovese (red), Cenaja Vermentino (white), Torre del Vajo (red), Dolce Peccato – Passito wine

During the lesson the participants will prepare the dough for the Schiacciata (Tuscan focaccia) and Cantuccini (Tuscan biscuits with almonds or chocolate), which will then be baked in the Old Fornodella Estate and used as lunch together with other products at km 0 (assortment of cold cuts and Pitti cheeses).


Wine tasting with 4 wines: Pitti Sangiovese (red), Cenaja Vermentino (white), Torre del Vajo (red), Dolce Peccato – Passito wine

During the lesson the participants will prepare the dough for Pizza and Cantuccini (Tuscan biscuits with almonds or chocolate), which will then be baked in the old oven of the estate and used as lunch along with other products at km 0 (assortment of salami and Pitti cheese) . The pizza will be garnished with various ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, cold cuts and cheeses.



Torre a Cenaia

All tours offer explanations on the historical origins of the estate, on agricultural production and include wine and beer tasting.


  • Historical explanation of the estate
  • Visit of the medieval church
  • Visit the Italian garden with sculptures
  • Villa Valery (19th century)
  • Natural lakes with waterfowl
  • Visit to the winery and sales point
  • Explanation of wine production processes
  • Visit to the Agricultural Brewery J63
  • Explanation of beer production processes
  • Wine and beer tasting
  • Visit the company by carriage


Visit to the old farmhouses, vineyards, lakes and ponds, woods and cultivated fields with an illustration of the main attractions of the estate, in particular the vineyards of white grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Trebbiano and Vermentino and natural lakes, which are the destination of many species of local and migratory waterfowl. Furthermore, during the tour the wine production processes will be explained. Tour by reservation.

Departure: all day
Reservation: +39 3281261338 –
Option: Aperitif in the carriage
Torre a Cenaia offers the option of coach tours to discover the vineyards and the ancient Tuscan landscape of our estate, enjoying an excellent aperitif.


Torre a Cenaia

Duration: 4 hours
Max: 20 participants
Tasting 4 wines and extra virgin olive oil: 1 Cenaja Vermentino – white, 1 Sangiovese – red, 1 Torre del Vajo – red) e 1 passito wine (Dolce Peccato
Reservation: +39 050 643739 /
. Explanation of the history of the estate
. Visit to the vineyards, cellar and point of sale
. Visit ancient wood-burning oven
. Lunch with a unique menu inside the omnibus
. Tasting of 4 wines and extra-virgin olive oil

Torre a Cenaia

“Omnibus” is a Latin word that means “for everyone”: the omnibus was in fact a public car, on which everyone could climb. From the meeting of “car” and “omnibus” derives the modern “bus”, abbreviated as “bus”. The Omnibus was founded in 1600 in England as a vehicle used for public transport of people. It is a horse-drawn carriage, which is soon developed to run on rails. It was the ancestor of the tram. From England, in the course of the 1700s it also arrived in Italy: Turin, Milan and Naples are the first major Italian cities to have a public transport service on rails. Since 1822 they have been replaced for steam and after petrol engines that will transform the name into “bus”. In fact they will be called “bus”, from the fusion of the words “car” and “omnibus”. The Omnibus of Torre a Cenaia served first in Turin and then in Treviso.



Torre a Cenaia

Tenuta Torre a Cenaia is an ideal location for ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, communions and confirmations, birthdays and other types of events. The two restaurants of the estate – Brewery J63 and the Osteria Toscana Pitti & Friends, provide ample indoor and outdoor spaces, suitable for every season, with menus created ad hoc by the Chefs. In the church of Sant’Andrea, dating back to the Middle Ages located inside the Torre a Cenaia estate, it can be used for sacred ceremonies. The Italian park-garden in front of the evocative Villa Valery and the small square of the village with its centuries-old plane trees are also suggestive locations for outdoor lunches and dinners and photo shoots.


Torre a Cenaia

Torre a Cenaia is the ideal stopping point for those who want to visit the main places of interest in Tuscany. Located just 20 minutes by car from Pisa and Livorno, easily reachable thanks to the SGC Florence-Pisa-Livorno. The ample parking surrounded by olive trees and cypresses, allows the free parking of campers protected at night by the automatic closing at the entrance to the estate. Furthermore, there are services concerning the discharge of waste water and the loading of water and electricity. The two restaurants offer the opportunity to dine a step away from the camper and sample typical Tuscan dishes prepared with excellent ingredients at kilometer zero. The camper area also allows the parking of mini buses and coaches.


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