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Born in 1957 in Florence, Sandro Becucci, nicknamed “Tolemaios”, has done artistic studies and experiments in the field of experimental theater. In the mid-seventies, I began a twenty-year path in the world of art and artistic craftsmanship. In 1976 he began to make artistic and theatrical masks in papier-mache. In 1978 he founded the “Atelier d’Arte I MASCHERERI” (real forge of ideas and artistic creations) that soon became national and international attention. The artist deepens the artistic and iconographic research on the theater, the mask, the rituals connected to it and the carnival, thus being able to know artists and artists of the most varied trends.

Sandro Tolemaios Becucci

Parallel to the masks and papier-mâché sculpture, the artist develops a pictorial research begun in 1977 and attends the “BAFOMET” Cultural Center of Florence, a destination and stage for painters, sculptors, critics and personalities of the period artistic panorama. In 1981 the first exhibition with the Ken’s Art Gallery in Florence, followed by others both in Italy and abroad, in the United States, Japan, Singapore and Germany.

Starting from the 90s Sandro moved on to devote himself more and more exclusively to figurative painting but, at the same time, the artist’s other great passion for music was realized, which he always cultivated, above all as percussionist, drummer and lover of Latin and Caribbean music.

Sandro Becucci

From 1992 to 2002 he received considerable success as EL CHEVERE DJ, percussionist and organizer of evenings, events and music festivals in Latin music. This does not prevent him from continuing the pictorial activity that actually draws inspiration and benefits from it, being able to come into contact with other different realities and cultures. In his figurative painting predominates the female figure, symbolically set in a spiritual space; a new critical paganism towards religions and conventions. And it is precisely in 2002 that the idea of “HOLY SUSPENDS” begins to form. These values, full of passion, pushes the artist to concentrate every time more in his pictorial production to the point of concluding concludes both the experience of El Chevere DJ in the field of Latin music, and the experience of “I Maschereri Atelier “.

Sandro Becucci - Tolemaios

Finally, since 2005, Sandro “Tolemaios” Becucci has dedicated himself exclusively to the series of paintings called “LE SANTE SOSPESE”, strongly evocative paintings. The figurative painting of Tolemaios focuses mainly on the female figure symbolically set in a spiritual space, a sort of neo-paganism in opposition to the formalisms of institutional religions. The works are set up in exhibitions located in exotic locations, ie in particular and equally evocative environments: crypts, loggias, deconsecrated churches, underground rooms lit by lights and shadows of torches and candles, such as the crypt of the Medieval Cistern of St. Maria in Monte (PI) and others. Tolemaios has toured the world with his works, participating in renowned exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, Switzerland, Los Angeles Museum of Art, Museum of London, Bloomingdales in New York and Miami, Takashimaya in Osaka, Tokjyo, Kobe and Kyoto , Singapore and many others in Italy. Currently, the artist frequently attends and exhibits at the historic and well-known Literary Café Le Giubbe Rosse of Florence, a free port of national and international culture, a meeting point for artists, writers and poets.

Maschere Sabdri Becucci


Course on ancient and modern techniques of CARTAPESTA  (Papier-mache) applied in the arts, in decoration, in the furnishing accessory, for sculptures, bas-reliefs, masks and scenography.

Number of hours: 20
Registration and Information: +39 328 2246046

Lesson 1 (2 hours)
. Introduction to the course and brief notes on the history of the mask
. Notions and list of individual equipment
. Facial plaster cast

Lesson 2 (2 hours)
. Filling the mold with clay
. Plaster cast on clay and plaster cast on plaster
. Choice of subject (masks or face) to be reproduced

Lesson 3 (2 hours)
. Extraction of the positive dental plaster of the facial mold
. First plastic exercise

Lesson 4 (2 hours)
. Completion of the first clay mask model
. Plaster cast of the sculptures made

Lesson 5 (2 hours)
. Treatment of the negative in gypsum and filling of the negatives obtained with various types of paper and techniques

Lesson 6 (2 hours)
. Paper pulp extraction
. Shooting and sanding of the manufactured articles
. Preparation of the surface with synthetic gypsum and binders (various resins) and hints on “focusing”

Lesson 7 (2 hours)
. Description of the most common decoration techniques

Lesson 8 (2 hours)
. Finishing of the artifacts with the techniques illustrated

Lesson 9 (2 hours)
. Laces application

Lesson 10 (2 hours)
Internal interior fittings for portability.

The basic equipment of the laboratory and the main materials necessary for the paper-pulp course are already included in the price of the course.
(chalk, clay, glue, sand, paper, brushes, tempera colors, gold and silver leaves, shellac, mission glue, spirit paints, airbrush color set, airbrush, Judaic bitumen, wax, aquaragia , essence of turpentine, colored earth and talcum, rags, charcoals, wooden slats, iron hands, and others)

Sandro Becucci



Masks for sale: (see catalogs)


Dipinti: Le Sante sospese

Sandro Becucci



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