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Medea words …”I had expressed and demonstrated my passion and desire for drawing and painting as a very young girl. Later on, I decided to broaden my perspective and knowledge of the Arts world, so I studied the Arts and also the Architecture, as it was practiced by the artists in ancient Italy, so I got involved in the architecture also, and I immediately began.”

Rosso e blu: donne ed emozioni. Sintesi del ritratto, nell’espressione di sentimenti anche contrastanti. Accentuano il contrasto le forti tinte in equilibrio tra marcata sensualità ed effimera tranquillità. Rossi per il reale, il concreto della vita. Blu del virtuale, del pensiero spirituale, dell’ancestrale che affiora in scure sfumature. Una ricerca interiore sicuramente, ma forse anche il gusto del divertimento nel cercare e poi comunicare emozioni di archetipi che ogni donna ha dentro di sé.

Medea pittriceMedea pittrice

Red and blue: women and emotions. Synthesis of the portrait, an expression of feelings which are sometimes full of contrast. A contrast emphasized by strong colours balancing between pronounced sensuality and fleeting tranquility. An inner quest but also finding pleasure in searching and hence expressing the emotions of the archetypes that every woman bears within herself.

Medea pittrice


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