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Medea words … “I had expressed and shown my passion and desire for painting and painting as a very young girl. I was practiced by the artists in ancient Italy, I got involved in the architecture also, and I immediately began. “

Red and blue: women and emotions

Synthesis of the portrait, in the expression of even contrasting feelings. Contrast the strong hues in balance between marked sensuality and ephemeral tranquility. Rossi for the real, the concrete of life. Blue of the virtual, of spiritual thought, of the ancestral one that surfaces in dark shades.

Medea pittriceMedea pittrice

An inner quest but also finding pleasure in searching and hence expressing the emotions of the archetypes that every woman bears within herself.

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Medea is a painter of Sardinian origin who lives and works between Florence and Potenza. His works characterized by female figures in all their expressions.
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