calominiThe Hermitage of Calomini includes a building located close to a rocky overhang and has been dug almost entirely in the rock. In this particularly inaccessible place, around the year one thousand, Our Lady would have appeared in a cave to a young woman. Here, around the 12th century, a group of hermits retired and then began to dwell in caves carved by themselves. A first small church was built, also partly excavated in the rock. Starting from the fourteenth century, in parallel with the growth of the fame and veneration of the Virgin of the Grotto, the modest building was the subject of various extensions and new buildings were added.

The church was completely rebuilt in the seventeenth century, but the living rock that supports the complex is still visible in the presbytery and in the sacristy. The convent was also dug into the living rock. Following the suppression of religious orders decreed by Napoleon, the hermitage was stripped of all the sacred furnishings and furnishings and defrauded of all land. The hermits later returned and remained there until 1868. Currently the hermitage is entrusted to the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, followers of the rule of St. Francis. The sacred image of the Virgin of the Grotto (or Madonna della Penna), sketched in a statue of willow wood, is the object of devotion. Many people also come to bathe with the water that flows from a spring inside the hermitage, which, it is said, produces benefits and benefits.

The complex offers hospitality and catering for those who want to experience moments of tranquility and spirituality together with the monks. There are rooms with all the comforts and a restaurant.

eremo-di-calominiArea: Garfagnana
Municipality: Fabbriche di Vergemoli – locality Eremo di Calomini, 5
Type: hermitage (12th- 13th century
Tel.: +39 0583 767003 / +39 0583 767020
Times: from April to September every day; from October to March only on Sundays
Services: rent of rooms with TV and swimming pool


Our Address:

Fabbriche di Vergemoli - locality Eremo di Calomini, 5 (LU)


44.054842, 10.407731000000013