Start: 12/10/2016
End: 16/10/2016

Event Venue

via Pantin, Scandicci

GPS: 43.75931868427379, 11.178239985291157

Fiera di Scandicci

Stretching out over more than 18.000 square meters, the Fiera di Scandicci is one of the largest market fairs in the region. This year the market that started out as a cattle market celebrates its 150th edition.
The 350 stalls in the mostly covered expo areas have everything to offer what you would expect from a fair such as food, street food, wine, health and beauty products, artisan crafts, cars, decorations, home, fashion, and special areas for education and children.


Opening hours weekdays
Thursday, October 13: 9:30 am – midnight
Other weekdays 4.30 pm – midnight
Opening hours weekend and holidays
9:30 am – midnight
Sunday, October 16: 9:30 am – 9 pm


How to get there
Scandicci is located just south of Florence and can be reached by tramvia from the station. Stop De Andrè or Resistenza.

Fees & Tickets