Tuscany Sweet Life Team – Who we are

Besides being constant travelers, we are above all a group of incorrigible Tuscany lovers, of the culture, history, art, the beautiful landscapes, food, and wine.

The Tuscany Sweet Life Team consists of:

Magda Legnaioli

psychologist, sculptor, manic traveler, specialized in expressive art and photography, optimistic and cheerful, inventor, creator and founder of the Tuscany Sweet Life portal.

Leonardo Pinzauti

serious and fastidious journalist, history and tourism buff, linguistic perfectionist responsible for the communication and the editorial.

Gianfranco Giachetti

Programmer, Web design, artistic photographer, passionate about sports, motorbike trail and adventure travels.

Liesbeth Hogerbrugge

multilingual blogger, Dutch of origin, in love with Tuscany, always updated on all the events in the region.


a mathematical mind, economist and web marketing specialist.

The Tuscany Sweet Life Team also uses the help of collaborators for Internet research and basic data entry.


Our history

For three years, we have made numerous trips throughout Tuscany collecting documentary material and curious stories about the lesser-known sites. Over 10,000 original photos were taken, capturing the artistic, architectural and scenic beauty of each unique place. Often we met unique characters, artisans, artists, farmers, and ordinary people, thus collecting testimonials and developing new ideas. There were also opportunities for fun: listening to stories, curious details, often colorful and funny. Hence we have discovered another side of Tuscany, more hidden, but certainly equally fascinating as the traditional, already widely known tourist destinations. And, all this has led us to love Tuscany even more.

We have collected an impressive amount of material on Tuscany over the years, to the point where, we ourselves, are amazed at how much there still is to see and learn about the region. Now, after countless hours of sorting and selecting, all the material has been organized and made available, totally free, to everyone who wants to get to know the real Tuscany that lies beyond the popular tourist destinations.


Our mission

Tuscany is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful regions of the planet. Every year thousands of tourists come from all sides to get to know this blessed land that is so rich in history and possesses the most stunning landscapes.

The story that we would like to tell you, in addition to providing detailed tourist information, is about what life is really like in Tuscany. We would like to try and explain about the daily life, the culture, and the people of the region. And to show the characteristics of Tuscany and the contrasts within that define this unique region. Furthermore, we devote ample space to the landscape, art, handicraft, and gastronomy. We have therefore organized the site in such a manner to facilitate the scheduling of tours and special trips and to meet the specific interest of the visitor …. who then, hopefully, will also become a visitor of our beloved home region.

On the website of Tuscany Sweet Life, we also wanted to include updated information on events, folklore, festivals, re-enactments and special interest markets. Furthermore, providing video material with interviews that show the daily life of the people and the mysteries or questions marks left open by famous personalities and artists.

We wish you an unforgettable adventure in Tuscany; we are sure that this land will remain in your heart and that you will want to come back again to enjoy all the beauty that Tuscany has to offer.

Buon viaggio and happy travels!